The Botswana Insurance Holdings Limited (BIHL) Group remains invested in combatting youth and graduate unemployment through the support and empowerment of youth and youth-owned businesses. In this vein, the BIHL Group through its Corporate Social Investment (CSI) arm, the BIHL Trust, grew their digital presence and footprint as they officially unveiled a mobile gaming App, MogwebiQuest, which is the first of its kind financial literacy App in Botswana. The App was developed in collaboration with the Botswana Innovation Hub (BIH) and the Power Circle Group and launched on the 25th of June 2020 at BIH.


MogwebiQuest is a mobile gaming App that aims to promote financial literacy in insurance, investment, short term insurance and legal services. The mobile Gaming App is a unique first for Botswana, bridging the gap between technology, insurance and financial literacy through an interactive and entertaining platform. The BIHL Trust Chairman, Ngwatshi Enyatseng, said, “As The BIHL Trust, we are cognisant that we have a responsibility to our youth to ensure that future generations are given every opportunity to be empowered and supported in any and every way. This initiative was a great step in that direction and to finally harvest the fruits of our collaboration and unveil an avant-garde product such as MogwebiQuest is a great feat for us all.”


The Gaming App is a product of the Trust’s #AppForChange competition which began in 2018 and culminated with the Power Circle Group emerging as the 2018/2019 champions; winning the opportunity to develop a gaming app which addresses business needs while generating youth interest in investment, insurance, short term insurance and legal services.


Commenting on the launch of the App, Botswana Innovation Hub CEO, Mr. Alan Boshwaen said, “As Botswana Innovation Hub, we remain committed to spearheading and driving innovation in our Nation and our collaboration with the BIHL Group and indeed the BIHL Trust as well as the Power Circle Group to develop MogwebiQuest is testament to that. The innovation process expertise that we offer our developers helps transform their ideas and prototypes into real life solutions that are procured and utilized in the market.  This facilitates matching of innovation to industry.”


Power Circle Group is a Developer Team that is housed under the Botswana Innovation Hub incubation programme where they receive technical advisory services, business advisory and project management skills.  


Through this interactive platform, the Gaming App educates user’s on efficiently running a successful business while testing user’s knowledge on financial literacy. It is readily available for all Android and iOS in the relevant Play and App Stores accordingly. Power Circle Group team leader, Letsibogo Ramadi, commented: “Developing this Gaming App with my team has been quite the journey. MogwebiQuest is quite the contender and boasts of various features that I can’t wait for the public to interact with. I am very grateful to the BIHL Group and indeed the BIHL Trust and BIH for this opportunity where my team members and I could showcase our capability as upcoming local app developers in the industry. I would like to thank them on behalf of my team for their support throughout this project.”


Concluded Enyatseng: “As MogwebiQuest reaches the public at large, it is my belief that it will showcase the talent and greatness that our brilliant youth can do. Moreover, I sincerely hope that it will plant the seed of inspiration in other young minds to do even greater. Thus, igniting the spark of engineering yet another young legacy.