BIHL Trust - CSI

The BIHL Board realized that in order to have a sustainable business, the Group needs to give back to the community for worthy causes. In addition, though there are many organizations that perform laudable work in their efforts to assist disadvantaged communities in Botswana, no single corporate could meet the vast amount of need. The board has also taken into consideration that the BIHL Group has been operating in Botswana for over 38 years and though its subsidiaries Bifm, Botswana Life and BIHL Sure! have done what they could in terms of giving back, however more needed to be done.

It was therefore decided that BIHL would give 1% of post- tax profit arising out of wholly owned Botswana subsidiaries to the BIHL Trust to meet its objectives of empowering communities to be sustainable and alleviating poverty. A board of trustees was appointed by the BIHL board to oversee the work of the Trust. The particular Vision 2016 pillar that the Trust aligns its assistance with is the pillar of “A compassionate, just and caring nation”.

The dignity and hope the Trust aims to kindle and nurture through worthy projects are in the following areas; Education, Arts & Culture, Sports, Social and Welfare Development, Health and social security. So, through the BIHL Trust, Bifm gives back 1% of profit to deserving communities with the view of alleviating poverty and uplifting Batswana. Through this initiative, BIHL Trust’s contribution has assisted in the following projects:

CSI report

With a long standing commitment towards bettering the communities and environments in which it operates; 2012 and 2013 saw an increasingly strong dedication to CSI by the BIHL Group. The Group’s CSI initiatives in both these years revolved around education and are all aimed at empowering Batswana and giving back to the communities and people who have continuously supported and contributed to the organisation’s growth.