Gamodubu Child Care Trust

Gamodubu Child Care Trust is a centre for orphaned and vulnerable children who are mostly also living with HIV and Aids. The Centre offers an out of school program that includes, but is not limited to feeding and also ensuring the children take their medication and have access to regular check-ups.

The BIHL Trust continues to support the Gamodubu Child Care Trust in its daily activities and its projects. The construction of the BIHL Trust sponsored Multi Purpose hall is in progress. Currently the building is at 80% and is scheduled to be complete by mid August. The Multi-purpose hall is expected to add on to the existing income generating activities of the Gamodubu Child Care Trust which include poultry and vegetable gardening.

The total cost of the project is P 2, 106, 000.00, making it the biggest project the Trust has funded to date. This is closely followed by the BIHL Thomas Tlou Scholarship. The formal handover ceremony will take place in October 2013.