Gaborone Botswana’s largest insurance operation, BIHL Group, has through its Corporate Social Investment (CSI) arm, BIHL Trust, has remained dedicated to uplifting communities across Botswana. As part of an 11 year-strong commitment to supporting improving education and skills among Batswana, BIHL Trust has donated P200,000 to the Maru-a-Pula Orphans and Vulnerable Children (OVC) Scholarship programme on June 5th, 2018 at the high school.


BIHL Trust Trustee, Ms. Ngwatshi Enyatseng said, “We have remained proud partners of the Maru-a-Pula OVC Scholarship Program over the years because we understand that access to education for the youth is pinnacle to our national socioeconomic development. Through our partnership with the Maru-a-Pula OVC Program we are able to play our part in offering this prestigious opportunity to academically gifted bright minds who are in need of financial resources for tuition.”


Established in 2007, the BIHL Trust was founded for the purposes of making a positive impact with communities in need, through positive and sustainable development initiatives. Over the years, BIHL Trust has invested over P1 million towards the OVC scholarship. The programme provides scholarships to students who exhibit remarkable scholarly brilliance and capacity the opportunity to study at Maru-a-Pula Secondary School. The MaP OVC fund is an initiative which organisations and individuals can donate towards to give academically gifted youths who are less fortunate the opportunity to receive an education at Maru-a-Pula School. The programme launched in 2005 and has seen an increase in scholarships awarded over the years along with the rise of support from the aforementioned organisations. BIHL Trust has remained proud partners of the Maru-a-Pula OVC Scholarship Program for 9 years to date.

Concluded Enyatseng, “The youth of Botswana have a unique place in our history to play and a pivotal role in continuing our story of African success. It is imperative that as a Nation, we all contribute towards initiatives that do help empower and equip Batswana with quality knowledge, skills and opportunities that will enable them to become productive in our economy. Our continued support of educational initiatives that uplift Botswana’s youth especially, can result in more informed and empowered citizens that go on to further develop our Nation.”