Adopt a School

During the second quarter of 2012 BIHL Trust, in partnership with Sebilo Book Services, undertook a project of adopting non performing primary schools and developing libraries as an aid to enhance learning and to also encourage the kids to take up reading in a fun environment.

The Trust has reserved P 350,000.00 for the project and this amount will cover seven schools around the country. The project is done in conjunction with the Ministry of Education through the Education Hub. The Ministry assists with the selection of schools based on non performing schools who show potential to improve if given the right resources.

The project involves doing a fully functional library that will be inviting to students. In some areas this has meant incurring costs for rehabilitating the rooms used to make them colourful and also put in the required furniture such as tables and chairs. The project has also been used for employee volunteering where staff members were able to assist in the rehabilitation process or give talks at the schools to motivate learners.

To date the schools that have received libraries from the Trust are:

  • Mogobane Primary School  (Otse)
  • Cwaanyaneng Primary School (Borolong)
  • Tshwaragano Primary School  (Old Naledi, Gaborone)
  • Chakaloba Primary School (Topisi)
  • Mafetsakgang Primary School (Bobonong)

The Trust is currently scouting for the remaining two schools, who will receive a fully functional library.