BIHL Trust Thomas Tlou Scholarship Awards 4 Batswana

The BIHL Trust Thomas Tlou Scholarship has awarded 4 lucky Batswana with opportunities to study postgraduate programs at local institutions. This year marks 6 years in a row that the Trust has committed to contributing to nation building through advanced skills developments in line with Vision 2036’s overall theme, Prosperity for all.


Announcing the 2018 cohort, BIHL Trust Chairman, Major General Bakwena Oitsile underlined the importance of advancing the education agenda to help move the country forward. “It is with great pleasure and pride that we announce the 2018 BIHL Trust Thomas Tlou Scholarship. These four individuals are primed to play a critical role in the development of this country in years to come.”


After a vigorous adjudicate exercise, the assessment team picked 4 deserving recipients, Kamogelo Nnoi, States Mphinyane, Lechani Rachel Kgangyame and Kabo Melvin Majwabe to pursue their postgraduate and masters’ programs.   


Oitsile highlighted the need for focus in developing leaders through education, “as BIHL we recognize that through the Trust, we are able to impact the communities we do business in by empowering our people, as those here with us, by facilitating their access to advanced education we are able to make greater social impact. It is only through a concerted effort that we will be able to develop skills needed to shape our future.”


Furthermore, he called upon the cohort to take up the opportunity bestowed on them and use it to empower not only their own lives but others too. “I call on you to be exemplary and hardworking in your endeavors, it is my humble hope that you take this opportunity for what it is and make something great of yourselves, your loved ones and your communities. We will also do our best to support you in this regard.”


Since the initiation of the Thomas Tlou Scholarships in 2012, a total of 29 scholars have so far received the prestigious award to further their postgraduate studies. This year, the Trust received a record number of applicantions, showing a 60% rise in figures from last year.


BIHL Trust Administrator, Tebogo Keepetsoe said the adjudication process was vigorous due to the large number of quality applications received. “This year’s selection process was particularly challenging as we had many quality prospects and unfortunately we could only pick 4. We believe the interest in the scholarship will continue to grow as we expand our communications channels like we did this year by optimizing our digital presence to spread the message. I would like to commend this years’ deserving recipients and wish them the best in their studies and future.” Keepetsoe concluded.


The BIHL Thomas Tlou Scholarship is a program initiated in honour of the late great educator Professor Thomas Tlou who made it his life mission to educate others and help propel the nation to a brighter future.