GABORONE – Botswana Insurance Holdings Limited (BIHL) Group prides itself on being a Botswana-born operation, having expanded across the nation, providing fully-fledged financial solutions and steering community projects that drive sustainable impact. On the back of successful transactions and expansions, even into foreign markets, the Group’s double win at the prestigious Africa Investor (Ai) Capital Markets and Index Series Awards, marked an important milestone. Testifying of Botswana born-businesses’ pinnacle role in telling Africa’s success story. BIHL Group took home honours for the “Ai Best Performing Ai100 Company Award.” Group CEO, Catherine Lesetedi-Letegele, was also named as an “excellent” leader, honoured with the “Ai100 CEO of the Year” award for 2016.

“As a Group, we pride ourselves on having become lifetime partners for hundreds of thousands of Batswana across the nation, which we are truly grateful for. We are humbled that our efforts in working towards a fully-fledged customer experience and investing in the development of community opportunities, have allowed us to make our nation known on global platforms. We are exceptionally proud to see Catherine’s and our Group’s passionate culture being recognised. This is an honour for us as a family that proudly serves Batswana. This is also a national pride testifying of our great potential as a nation to be change-makers, for the world to learn from,” said BIHL Group Chairperson, Mrs. Batsho Dambe-Groth.

The CEO of the Year category was open to CEOs from the financial industry, finding Mrs. Lesetedi-Letegele to have demonstrated a number of key leadership characteristics namely:

• Excellent leadership skills

• Enhanced organisational image

• Innovation and originality

• Social responsibility

At Group level, BIHL was awarded the Best Performing accolade, having been honoured for displaying characteristics of exceptional:

• Performance

• Commitment to increasing volumes of shares traded

• Share performance compared with market performance between 01/08/2015 and 30/07/2016

• Volatility compared with market

• Portion of shares traded on market (i.e. free float)

• Major achievements in 2015-2016

Africa Investor is a leading international investment and communications group. The Ai CEO Institutional Investment Summit, an annual event, sees its awards component established in order to recognise Africa’s best performing stock exchanges, listed companies, investment banks, fund managers and institutional investors, to name a few. The platform continues to gain international repute as a leading awards forum and platform for dialogue on a global level.

“We thank the Ai community for the accolades and the golden opportunity to engage with them and their wider stakeholders. We believe that Botswana and Africa are very much a hub of incredible opportunities to drive global progressive development. Opportunities, which shine through our people of diverse cultural heritages and shine through our businesses. We therefore continue to work with passion and dedication to realise the vision of our Group, which is to drive sustainable impact in every community we have the opportunity to serve,” concluded Dambe-Groth.