BIHL Strengthens Relations and Further Commits to Growing as a Fully –Fledged Financial Services Operation

BIHL Group and its subsidiaries – Bifm, Botswana Life, and Legal Guard – are committed towards delivering effective and long-term solutions for clients as a fully-fledged financial services group. This was the sentiment shared by BIHL Group CEO, Catherine Lesetedi-Letegele, at a stakeholder cocktail held on 12th July 2016, to highlight key developments across the Group.

Bringing together brokers, broker-agents and partners of the Group, including associates Botswana Insurance Company (BIC), Letshego Holdings Limited, and Funeral Services Group (FSG), BIHL thanked all for the incredible support and loyalty over the years, crediting them as integral to the growth of the business thus far.

“The strength and resilience of this business, with a fiery dedication towards ensuring we add value for our partners, clients and communities, is a testament to the BIHL ethos. We are a family comprised of unique subsidiary businesses that remain leaders in their respective areas and who continue to grow, evolve and innovate. Together, it is through our cross-pollination of ideas, expertise and resources, and the intrinsic synergy that drives this group forward, that we are able to offer a 360 degree, fully fledged financial services solution,” said Lesetedi-Letegele.

More information was also shared on the recently launched trio of products from Botswana Life, Botswana’s leading life insurance provider. These include: Isago Investment Plan, Poelo Term Assurance and Tapologo Retirement Annuity. “We strive, across the Group, to ensure innovation as well as relevance. Thus, the launch of such products as Poelo Term Insurance from Botswana life, is key. Poelo Term Insurance is a first for Botswana. This is a pure risk product which offers two alternatives: either a return of 120% of premiums after 15 years or no return of premiums. No underwriting is required for covers up to P1million where cover is used for a loan. Thus, our customers benefit as much as is possible, and we are able to continue serving them in a way that empowers them in the long-term,” Lesetedi shared.

Leading Asset Manager, Bifm, cemented its narrative of now over forty years of heritage of dynamic wealth management in Botswana. Bifm CEO, Neo L. Bogatsu, reiterated Bifm’s promise and reputation for dynamic wealth management. “We strive,” she shared, “to always ensure we are there for our clients. Dependability and integrity are at the heart of the how we do business, with a clear focus on investing our clients’ funds responsibly.”  Bifm is Botswana’s first and oldest Asset Manager, and continues to serve as a pioneer in Botswana, a clear theme across each business in the BIHL Group.

“Leveraging our Strength in Numbers and the strong momentum of each of the businesses, we continue to grow, through expansion and acquisition; through innovative new products and solutions, and through the support and services of our valued associates. At the same time, we wholeheartedly thank and celebrate our brokers, brokers-agents and partners, for their tenacity and their commitment, allowing us to further deliver on our mandate and our twin strategy of growth and profitability,” continued Lesetedi-Letegele.

BIHL Group is a leading financial services group, originally established in 1975.  The Group has been listed on the Botswana Stock Exchange since 1991, and remains a leader in its space, with a market capitalisation of P4.3 billion as at 31 December 2015. The engagement came as part of continued efforts to further strengthen the Group and its relationships with local brokers, broker-agents and partners, and to share more on the BIHL Group story, as it continues to make sustainable impact in the local industry and economy.