BIHL Trust firmly believes that corporate social investment and community engagement are essential elements that contribute towards wider economic development. In this vein, BIHL Trust is  a proud partner of the Khawa Dune Challenge for 2017, having sponsored the Professional riders both motor Bikes and Quadbikes and the Khawa Academy Riders position 1- 3. The event is scheduled for the 25th-28th May 2017 in Khawa, a village 167 Kilometers south of Tsabong.

In addition to this, the BIHL Trust is underway with further developments to the Khawa Guest House. The BIHL Trust is extending the property from a 3-bedroom to a 5-bedroom house, including ensuite facilities for each bedroom. A kitchen and a dining room are also being added to the property. As part of its P1.5 million housing project supporting the Presidential Housing Appeal pledged in 2015, the BIHL Trust committed to support the Khawa Guest House Project in order to improve the property, which is run by the community. This project is ongoing and the Trust looks forward to the developments upping the property’s revenues from its increased capacity.

Said Trust Chairman Major General Bakwena Oitsile, “Khawa is a gem location and our partnership with the community via the guest house project and the dune challenge continues to progress. We believe that our supporting efforts to these hospitality and entertainment initiatives are sustainable because these industries contribute towards the Botswana tourism sector. This is in turn promotes employment and allows for local businesses from major corporates to street vendors to benefit. Economic development essentially starts here because such community projects attract crowds and drive community trade.”

On the back of this support, the Board of Trustees recently announced a new direction for the Trust namely the 2017-2021 strategy in 2017. The strategy is geared to enhance and support community projects that align with six areas, namely, Education, Social Upliftment, Economic Empowerment, Public Health, Recreation and Conservation of the Environment. The Trust’s decision came in consideration of factors including the consideration of pressing social needs of Batswana, the extent to which private sector aid is required and communities in which BIHL Group operates where community resources are limited. In addition, the Trust will support projects where the Group can make a sustainable impact in the lives of Batswana. The 5-year strategy sought to also align with Botswana Government’s Vision 2036 and the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

Concluded Major General Oitsile, “Over the years, we have been succesful with introducing and supporting initiatives that encourage intra-community trading, working with common groups including small and micro sized business people, senior citizens, the youth and the corporate community. As part of the Trust’s new strategy, we look forward to doing more through such collaborations that target rural areas especially, in order to uplift these communities for a better tomorrow, while supporting Botswana’s national development goals.”