To BIHL Trust, making a true impact encompasses the support of sustainable initiatives, whether building a system that services a large community, or providing aid to a family in need. In this vein, BIHL Trust partnered with the Mabule Social Workers Office to erect a 2-bedroom house for a family of five  orphans from Takailane village. Amongst members of the community, stakeholders of BIHL Trust and the Mabule Social Workers Office, the heartwarming handover took place on the 10th of August 2017.

The family had, until now, been under severe hardship, with little to no real housing, and making use of goat shacks for shelter.  The orphans’ lives took a drastic turn for the worse upon the death of their mother in 2010. Today, they continue to feel the impact of that loss, working to care for each other as best as possible. A true saving grace, however, made a great impact in their lives in the form of Mr. and Mrs. Marumo, caring neighbours who opened their home to the children as a veritable example of the true strength of human kindness. Mr. Marumo would take on piece jobs in order to sustain both his family and the children. Realising their 2-and-a-half home could not comfortably accommodate their growing family, the Mr. and Mrs. Marumo decided to give the orphans a plot owned by Mrs. Marumo. They officially registered the land in the children’s names.  It is having seen firsthand the difficulties faced by these young children that the Mabule Social Workers Office became involved, approaching BIHL Trust for support. The Mabule team sought partnership with BIHL Trust to build a house for the children on their newly gifted plot.

Said BIHL Trust Chairman, Major General Bakwena Oitsile, “Seeing the generosity and selflessness of Mr. and Mrs. Marumo, we are inspired and we are in awe. Their love and warmth are immeasurable, and I cannot commend them enough. Further, the decision of the Mabule Social Workers Office to also make a difference here is heartwarming. As BIHL Trust, we are humbled and honoured to also help change the lives of these five children. . We seek to make a difference for a brighter tomorrow, and this is precisely what building this home is about. It is part of a longstanding passion for ensuring that everyone has a safe shelter, a safe and secure home to go to at the end of the day, and this is something we as the Trust are committed to entirely, be it in partnership or on our own.”

BIHL Trust’s mission remains to continue to identify, support and develop sustainable initiatives, such as housing projects, that can benefit people and their communities. Whether providing shelter or building communal assets, a focus on long term impact and sustainability is key. Over the years, BIHL Trust has supported a number of housing projects, especially within remote areas. The Trust, to date, has built five houses in various areas across the country. In 2015, the Trust also supported Botswana Life with the funding for a pledge to give P1.5 million towards the President’s Housing Appeal. Botswana Life handed over 10 houses; 5 in Kgomodiatshaba and the other half in Hukuntsi as part of the donation. In addition, BIHL Trust has committed to improve the Khawa Guest House, run by the community, with upgrading their facilities.

Concluded Major General Oitsile, “We believe that Botswana has the capacity to develop and drive activities that can help more individuals, families and businesses to grow. Helping even just one life at a time can essentially mean one more person in Botswana has access to support they need in order to succeed, and to become an active participant in national development. To be able to contribute to this is humbling, and we are grateful to be a part of such a moving effort.”