The HANDS THE GIVE is a staff volunteering initiative which gives staff the opportunity to choose their CSR project from the following BIHL Trust focus areas:

  • Education (Including financial literacy)
  • Conservation of the Environment
  • Social Upliftment
  • Health

The Hands That Give is a staff voluntary initiative brought to staffby the BIHL Trust. Core to our mandate is eensuring that we deliver sustainable, positive and impactful projects through our staff across the BIHL Group and indeed all of our Subsidiaries - Botswana Life and Bifm.

Staff is privileged to have the opportunity to truly make a difference, to change lives, and to restore to some extent hope and joy in the lives of our fellow Batswana.

To participate; the following rules applied for staff to propose an initiative and motivatee for it to be funded by the BIHL Trust:

1. Staff grouped themselves into 10 people per group and identified their chosen cause or project, making sure it is within the Trust focus areas of Education, Conservation and Environment, Social Upliftment and Health.

2. A template was provided where groups were expected to write a 250-word motivation for their chosen cause.

4. Projects were assessed by the Trust, 10 projects were chosen and granted P10,000.00 to deliver their project.

5. Photos and a video of the project to be shared with the Trust!