Onalenna and Olorato set their sights on higher learning; awarded BIHL Trust Thomas Tlou Scholarship

GABORONE – BIHL Trust continues to champion greater education and access to higher learning through the Thomas Tlou Scholarship. This year’s recipients for the competitive scholarship opportunity have been, after rigorous assessment, named as Ms. Onalenna Majaye and Ms. Olorato Sumbolu. Onalenna and Olorato will benefit from the scholarship to cover their full time Master’s Degrees in Education (counseling and human studies) and (MA) Development Practice, respectively.

Said BIHL Trust Administrator, Tebogo Keepetsoe, “BIHL Trust values investment in all aspects of life, be it financial, assets or human capital (our people).  We strongly believe in the power of education, as motivated by Botswana’s continued involvement in the education of many across the country. This is testament that indeed “Thuto ke boswa,” meaning education is a treasured inheritance. We congratulate these scholars and encourage them to flourish in driving the socio-economic development of this nation. We have full confidence in their ability to make the most of this great opportunity.”

This is the 4th consecutive year in which recipients of the scholarship have been named, with a total of 18 recipients to date. The BIHL Thomas Tlou Scholarship programme was introduced by BIHL Group and the BIHL Trust together with Professor Sheila Tlou and the Tlou family, in 2012. BIHL Trust represents the charitable interests and contributions of BIHL Group and subsidiaries Botswana Life, Bifm and Legal Guard.

Upon being advised of her new scholarship, Olorato thanked BIHL Trust for being a solution provider to her long time dream. She further reiterated her joy at now being a step away from fulfilling her desire to acquire more interdisciplinary knowledge and skill in identifying and addressing contemporary social challenges as a social worker.  Said Olorato, “This is an opportunity to gain greater access to a wealth of education, so that I am more empowered to use that learning to help change the social landscape of Botswana, as well as to more positively contribute, in the short and long-term, to bettering our country. I am grateful to BIHL Trust, and I encourage my fellow learners to make the most of opportunities such as this. We have the ambition, and now we have opportunities to realise them further.”

Onalenna and Olorato will enroll at the University of Botswana for a period of two years for their respective programmes, with effect from August 2016.